Making A House From Hell !!!

Once upon a time, A businessman has been very profitable in his business. After this he started behaving in a very arrogant manner with his employees.
        Seeing this arrogance, all the member's of his family also become arrogant. When all of them become arrogant, the pride of every one will collide with each other. The atmosphere of the house become hell.
           Sadly, the merchant  reached Mahatma Buddha  and want to become a servant of Buddha and told all his story.
          Buddha said,"this time has come for you yet. Whenever you expect for yourself, treat the same with the others".
         The merchant adopted the teaching of Buddha and the house environment become good.
    Moral of this story is " do not treat anybody else, who you do not like for yourself".


  1. I love lessons that really make you think. This is a nice one. Thank you for sharing <3

  2. True that we do need to treat everyone equally, fairness is one of the most important things in the world.

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  3. Wow, what a lesson to have been learnt. This [ do not treat anybody else, who you do not like for yourself ] really got to me.

  4. good i love it !!! please visit my new post and tell me your view about it...

  5. Well said. Humbleness matters a lot in every man's like.

  6. Arrogance brings down a man but humility elevates a man.
    Nice and inspiring


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