Who Is The Real God Of Sin !!!

Once, A man named Saint collect all scripture information around the world. After spend a long time he come back home. People came to meet him for solution of their problems. One day a man came to meet him and ask him a question,"who is the real god of sin".
     Saint became answerless because this question is out of his education. Again he went to search the answer of this question. He concerted with lots of people but not receive his answer.
      After spending lot of days he sat down near the tree. A widow women saw him and ask him why he is looking sad. Saint told her all story. Women told him,"it is easy to answer it. Go with me and spend some days in my house". Saint became happy and go with her.
        Saint is very strick in his rules. Saint does not like to cook his food by other person so he cooked his food by himself. After spend lots of days he did not receive his answer and he was still waiting.
           One day widow women told to saint,"you have a lot of trouble making food. If you say i can give you  delicious food everyday". She also give him greed. She told him that i will give you 5 gold coins everyday.
         After lisen all offer saint forgot his life rules and asked women," i am agree but do not tell any one about this".
         First day women cooked delicious food and serve him in a plate. When saint about to ate women snatch food from him. Saint become angry. Then women told him," you forgot all your rules because of money. This is the real god sin". 


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